Hanitzanim nir'u ba'aretz
'Et hazamir higiyah

Har'ini et mar'ayih, hashmi'ini et koleh
Ki koleh 'arev u'mar'eh naveh ra'yati
Ki koleh 'arev u'mar'eh naveh ahoti

Kol hator nishma' b'artzeynu
Et hazamir higiyah

These words are from Song of Songs.
Loose translation: 

The flower buds are seen throughout the land, 
The voice of the turtledove is heard, 
The time of the songbird has arrived 

Sister, show me your face, and let me hear your voice 
For your voice is pleasant appearance is beautiful, my beloved.

Transliteration Key: 

kh = ח 
h = כ 
h = regular "h"
i - ee 
u = oo 
'a or 'e = ע 
a'a, etc. = a stop