Pitkhi Li

Pitkhi Li
Yonati tamati
Pitkhi li yonati tamati

Kol dodi hineh medaleg 'al heharim
Kol dodi mekapetz 'al hagvaot

These main lyrics of this song are from Song of Songs. The later verse and chorus are from Lekha Dodi. Lekha Dodi is a mystical poem for welcoming Shabbat. It is sung to G!d as the Sabbath Bride, or Sabbath Queen. 

Interpretive translation of Pitkhi Li:
Open (your heart) to me, my dove, my pure one.

The words to Lekha Dodi can be found in any siddur (prayerbook.) The intention is for the melody to be used for Lekha Dodi at services. This recording has the last verse as written, please feel free to adjust.



Transliteration Key:  

kh = ח  
h = כ  
h = regular "h" 
i - ee  
u = oo  
'a or 'e = ע  
a'a, etc. = a stop