Man proclaimed, words are my feature 
And he pointed and named every creature 
But the forest said is that your best 
'Cause the spiders and the bees ain't impressed 
And the manatees have magnetic senses 
What gives humanity the pretenses 
That we're the apex of all of creation 
All we've got is world domination 
Yai-dai-dai-dai all we've got is world domination
Yai-dai-dai-dai we're not cut out for world domination

Of all that's alive in this place 
We're the only ones making waste 
Never enough in a life of extraction 
No reciprocity, only transactions 
Were my gifts to you not satisfactory 
I am your maker, not your factory 
Yes, your siblings are older and wise 
Come back when you can photosynthesize
Yai-dai-dai-dai come back when you can photosynthesize