I Am

I am not my thoughts I'm not my deeds 
I am not my body not my needs 
I am not whether I succeed 
Whatever that means 

I am not my roles my occupation 
I am not my name my reputation 
I am not what I leave behind 
I am a spark within the cosmic mind 

I am not the way that I was wired 
I am water, air, and Earth and fire 
I am Spirit experiencing form 
All of time led to my being born 

I am energy in the path of least resistance 
I am a microcosm of existence 
I am lifetimes forgotten in the dawn 
I am a wave within a universal song 

I am a dissipating cloud a passing shade 
I return to the place where I was made 
I am scattered dust, a fading green 
A detail of the Eternal dream 

I am scattered dust, a wilting flower 
My time is not in minutes or in hours 
But in the Earth and moon and sun and galaxy's rotation 
In bars and beats, in constellations