by Itai Gal and Zach Mayer

Arise, arise, arise, arise 
For I rejoice in Your creation 
Arise, arise, arise, arise 
In Your creation I rejoice 

'Alei asor v'alei nahvel 
Ki simakhtani Havayah b'foalayih 
'Alei asor v'alei nahvel 
B'ma'aseh yadayih aranen



This words of this song are from the psalm for Shabbat, Psalm 92. A more literal translation might start something like, "arise in the ten-stringed lyre and the harp."

 Havayah is a feminine name for G!d that means "existence."


Transliteration Key: 

kh = ח 
h = כ 
h - regular "h"
i - ee 
u = oo 
'a or 'e = ע 
a'a, etc. = a stop